Accounting and Financial Advisory Services


1.1 Financial and Accounting Services

We are a leading provider of financial services such as Book Keeping, Economic Visibility Study for New Projects, Setup and Develop Accounting Systems in the following areas:


1.1.1 Book Keeping on ERP Systems

1.1.2 Financial Visibility Study Preparation

1.1.3 Develop Accounting Systems

1.1.4 Prepare Prediction Systems

1.1.5 Develop Cost Accounting Systems

1.1.6 Setting up Cost-Cutting Systems

1.1.7 Financial Performance Evaluation

1.2 Financial Advisory Services

We have a wide range of integrated solutions in the field of financial advisory and financial sector development for enterprises , so we can offer the following Services


1.2.1 Financial Advisory for New Projects

1.2.2 Financial advisory to financially troubled Companies

 Tax / Zakat Services

  • Preparation of Financial Processes and Procedures

        1.2.4  Debt and Cheque Collection Services

1.2.5  Analysis and evaluation of corporate financial statements

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