HR Advisory  and Development Services

  • خدمات الموارد البشرية والتدريب

With the rapid digital technological development in the business, the task of selecting a competent team work  capable of keeping pace with Business change has become a difficult task and needs a group of experts who are able to evaluate and Select a Qualified Team from the labor market as well as execute training Programs and make highly performance development to achieve the strategic objectives of the organizations ,Human resource management used to be all about hiring people, creating human resource governing policies, overseeing their execution and managing the relationship between organization and employee. As the businesses and markets evolved over time, the role of human resources managers has also changed.


4.1.1 Screening Potential Candidates

4.1.2 Examining Candidates and Conducting Interviews

4.1.3   Evaluation and Manage Recruitment Procedures

4.1.4 Manage Human Resource Courses


  • تطوير الموارد البشرية


As part of the strategic Development of the organization as a whole, it is considered that organizations need to develop its human resources strategies, Strategic and Action plans and policies as well as  the human resources sector is one of the most important sectors because it supporting senior management, Operations  and productive activities of institutions, where they are tasked with Managing  the Training Programs of employees, developing processes and procedures and effectively managing the measurement of human resources performance, so we are building a strategy and human resources management system to help companies to do the following tasks :


4.2.1 Build Human Resource Strategy

4.2.2 Human Resource Development

4.2.3 Develop Employee Hand Book

4.2.4 Develop work Instructions Manual

4.2.5 Manage Processes and Procedures Program

4.2.6 Manage KPI’S Implementation


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