2 Audit and Quality Assurance Services

2.1 Auditing Services

We are specialized in conducting internal and external audits of Corporate Firms in accordance with a Audit program consistent with international audit standards, and the adoption of the required Financial Statements, and Preparation of audit reports for the competent authorities., In this Area we offer the Following Services:


2.1.1 Review Internal Audit Systems

2.1.2 Risk Assessment Services

2.1.3 Internal Control Structure Assessment

2.1.4 Corporate Governance Audit

2.1.5 Audit Committee Advisory

2,2 Auditing and TAX Services:

Among the most important services provided by DAAM Consultancy firm is to Audit  and analysis of financial statements and information systems as well as the preparation of the tax file and the provision of the services of financial experts in judicial disputes and review of Total Quality systems in accordance with international quality standards:


2.2.1 Financial Statement Audit

2.2.2 Information Technology Audit

2.2.3 Judicial Dispute Services

2.2.4 Expert Witness Services

2.2.5 Reviewing Quality Systems and Strategy

2.2.6 TAX and Legal Advisory Services

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