Business Development and IT Services

    3.1 Business Study Services

The most important initiatives of the companies is to establish its Corporate strategy and strategic plan in order to build an Action plan to Achieve its Strategic objectives as well as Annual Objectives and Develop KPI’s Tools to measure the Performance of Activities , operation and Human Resources :

3.1.1 Build Firm Strategy and Quality System

3.1.2 Build Project Map and Initiatives Plan

3.1.3 Develop Management System For New Companies

3.1.4 Redevelopment of troubled companies

3.1.5 Develop Security Management System

3.1.6 Formulate User Manuals & Work Processes

3.1.7 Develop KPI’S Control System

  3.2 ICT & ERP System Development Services

After the great development in the field of information technology as well as the highly need for the presence of specialized systems in the management of operations in institutions as well as providing the necessary information for decision-making, therefore there is a need to apply integrated solutions systems – ERP Systems for process management, control of activities and performance measurement, so that DAAM Consultancy Company offer set of distinguished services to Clients:


3.2.1 Project Management and Consulting Services.

 3.2.2 Study and Develop Current Systems

 3.2.3 Conduct System Analysis and System Solutions

 3.2.4 System Analysis and System Security Plan,

3.2.5 Develop ERP System Implementation


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